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Nov 20, 2003
::blotting in::

     This is my new blog. Well. Not exactly a blog, as I do not plan to use it as a journal, but more accurately, as a place to publish my writings which usually reflect on my mood in which i wrote it. Most likely a lot of completely unprofessional and unpolished poems will pop up on this blog, along with short stories and a mini-series. It is quite unlikely that whatever I write wil offend anyone to any degree, although I may use the personalities of the people I noe in my writings, and my interpretations can possibly annoy some people. But please. This blog is created solely for me to express myself freely, so i don't really give a damn about what pthers think, unless it is really important and relevant.

     As I hope to really get my writings published someday, this is pretty much a test-drive area so what I write may start off as seriously crappy, but I may edit some of them on this blog so they may change from their original state.

Posted at 07:37 am by scarletsnow
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